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Goblin Gifting - A Tradition in Golarion (with Pattern Download)

Goblin Gifting: A History

The end of the year is a time for celebration, but also grief and fear
– as the cold sets in and the frost covers everything, there is little cause for
celebration. In certain towns in Golarion, though, one way that they combine
these feelings is Goblin Gifting.

Goblin Gifting is specifically aimed at children, and is a traditional activity
rooted in the well-deserved fear goblins inspire in the population. In areas where
goblins run rampant, families and whole communities may participate in Goblin
Gifting to teach their children valuable skills, and something to look forward to
(The tradition goes hand in hand with Night of the Pale on Kuthona 30th in most

Toy-sized goblin heads are constructed from green dyed wool, and often
have gaping mouths. Glass, beads or bright buttons serve as the eyes for the
little ornaments which also share the oversized ears of a goblin. The mouth is stuffed with taffy, candied fruits or other winter treats.

The goblin gifts are then hung in fir trees throughout town. In this exercise
of wariness and perception, children are not to go picking up goblin gifts they
find – the children must describe the location to an adult with as many details as
possible, and if the adult can follow the child’s directions, the child receives all
the sweets inside the goblin as a reward.

After all goblins have been retrieved, the toys are burned in a celebratory
bonfire, often as part of the town’s pre-Night of the Pale festivities.

You can download the pattern for free HERE, and hook it on Ravelry HERE

Go further on for the pattern in text form!

How to create Goblin Gift ornaments:

This is a crochet pattern, so you're required to know basic crochet terminology. Also, this uses the amigurumi style - which means you're basically working in a circle. If you want to learn how to crochet in this style, please click here to visit You will need to know how to use the 'magic circle' technique to create a closed circle.

There are two types of goblin ornament below: Open Mouthed and Closed. Open Mouthed fits with the tradition of “Goblin Gifting”, whereas Closed creates a head more in keeping with my previous goblin pattern.

If you make ornaments, I encourage you to find a way to work it into your Pathfinder session. Wouldn't it be fun to have a Holiday special, and give your players a present that their characters received? Be creative with it, and please, let me know what you do with it on my Facebook page!

In order to make this pattern, you will need:
  • 1 skein of worsted weight green yarn.
  • Red buttons, beads, or yarn for the eyes.
  • Thread or glue for attaching your eyes
  • 4.0 mm crochet hook
  • Crochet or embroidery needle

sc — single crochet
st — stitch
sl st — slip stitch
ch — chain
sc2tog — single crochet 2 together (decrease)

Closed head pattern:

Rnd 1: Form a magic circle with 6sc
Rnd 2: Work 2 sc in each st around (12 st)
Rnd 3: 2sc in st, sc in next* 6 times (18 st)
Rnd 4-6: sc in each st around (18st) loop ribbon for the ornament through the top
Rnd 7: sc2tog, sc in next st * 6 (12st) (stuff the head at this point, before decreasing)
Rnd 8: sc2tog * 6 (6st)
Rnd 9: slip stitch closed

Open Mouthed head pattern:

Rnd 1: Form a magic circle with 6sc
Rnd 2: Work 2 sc in each st around (12 st)
Rnd 3: 2sc in st, sc in next* 6 times (18 st)
Rnd 4-5: sc in each st around (18st)
Rnd 6: sc 9, chain 9 and reattach to round *see picture below if you're having trouble!*
Rnd 7: sc in each st around (18st)
Rnd 8: sc2tog, sc in next st * 6 (12st)
Rnd 9: sc2tog * 6 (6st)
Rnd 10: slip stitch closed


Chain 8sc, turn
Sc 6, turn
Sc 5, end
Work yarn into the ear to round off any loose stitches.

Sew an ear on either side to the head.

This pattern is only for use for personal use. Please do not sell any items made from this pattern, as I made it for everyone to enjoy!

Below are examples of what a constructed Goblin Gifting ornament should look like when it's complete:

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